Sunday 3 October 2010


Well I've been downloading some old 60's tracks today - just for the hell of it.

The teenage grandchildren have been putting lots of comments on Facebook recently about being 'bored'.  Crikey I can't remember the last time I had time to be bored!

But it lead me to thinking about my schooldays (yes I can remember back that far) and how it is that while you are going through your school years all you want to do is to grow up and be earning a living. 

Now in my latter years I realise why everyone used to say that your schooldays were the best days of your life!  Well I can't actually say I totally agree with that - suffice to say that there is only one person from my school days that I am still in contact with - but what is true is that while you are at school you do not have the stresses and strains that you have as an adult.  Add to that the fact that your body is in its prime with no aches and pains - well you have to admit to them being 'good old days'.

Now I'm not taking away the  problems of being a teenager but you can get a bit nostalgic when you think back to those days.

As I played back some of the music and I danced around in my kitchen (alone of course!) I was transported in my mind back to the teen age and early 20's.  My how time goes by so fast...

However, I don't remember getting out of breath so quick!

My mum still insists that she feels like a teenager inside and that it is just the body that is falling apart - and I go along with that. 

Some times you just want to feel like a child and dance and sing and be silly because most of the time life is just too darned serious.

So enjoy your youth, while you can, for soon you will be my age dancing in the kitchen remembering what it was like to be young...

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