Monday 31 May 2010

Packed my suitcase

Does packing your suitcase 10 days before you go away count as being a little eager I wonder or is it just being organised and prepared.

I didn't intend to but Mick always leaves me to sort out what clothes to take, etc, and once I got started sorting out the clothes (to see what else we needed) I just kind of got carried away.

On a practical front our house isn't that big and the spare room is already full of boxes of stock from my webstore so there just wasn't enough space to leave clothes in neat little piles (plus the cats would lay all over them). So I got the suitcases out of the loft and packed them.

Mind you, as usual, I did find there are a few little items that I've just got to get before we go away.

Retail therapy in London doesn't really go together but I guess I'll find what I need.

Funny how the thought of going to work tomorrow after a Bank Holiday weekend doesn't seem quite so bad when you want the next 10 days to go by quickly :-)

Sunday 30 May 2010

Almost Flaming June - Where's the sun?

Well it is a bank holiday, it is the 30th May, everyone is ready for their barbecues and as per normal in the UK the sun has decided to go elsewhere!

Did I really crow over the fact that it was 30 degrees a week or so ago. Well now it's only 16.5 degrees and the wind is blowing. I bet you anything that it will be wall to wall sunshine and back to 30° once we return to work!

Oh well I've got less than two weeks now before I'm back in Spain so I'll keep focusing on that.

Right I must get on with that list of jobs that I've got to get done before I go away, now where did I put that list......

Friday 28 May 2010

My Forum is now linked to its domain name

Phew that took a bit of working out but it's done. is now all linked up and working.

Just a bit more sorting out to do and then hopefully it may get found by some of the search engines :-)

Oh yes and it will be fun when I'm not just talking to myself - but then isn't that what I do on my blog!

Love Spain Forum

Well my forum is up and running!

Why do a forum you may ask? Well just to see if I could do it. At the moment I'm still tweaking it and trying to find my way around it but it's online.

I own the domain name but at the moment the only access is through so first thing is to work out how to add my domain name to it!

More later as I'm off to work now...

Sunday 23 May 2010

Sunny Skies and 30 degrees

Yes it's true. 30 degrees C in our area of the UK at the moment. Glorious. After the grey skies and cold weather it is just so nice to see the sunshine.

So what am I doing posting on my blog while the weather is so brilliant? Well actually I'm sitting in my kitchen which leads straight through into my conservatory which has the double doors open straight onto the lawn. The pond has a new pump and is gaily pumping water down the small waterfall and the little stone boy is p**ing into the water (Mick's idea not mine). The birds are feeding off the bird feeders and there is peace and quiet. Hang on, I'll see if I can take a photo.

Not a very good photo but then I did use my phone camera! As you can see the garden is small and the Tamerisk tree is big! But we like it.

The hosepipe is topping up the pond at the moment as it is evaporating quite quickly.

Anyway, now time to get away from the laptop and out into the fresh air. Hope your weather is as lovely as ours.

Saturday 22 May 2010

The Pain Clinic, London 020 8619 0071

My elderly mother has recently had an appointment at the hospital regarding arthritic pain that she has in her back and legs. The hospital said they have referred her to the pain clinic and they will be in touch with her to arrange an appointment.

Out of the blue my mother received a phone call from "the pain clinic" and the man went to great lengths to tell her all about these tablets that would stop the pain. He knew her name and kept on reassuring her that the tablets would work. She started getting flustered especially when he wanted her credit card details as she kept insisting that if she bought any tablets then she would pay by cash. My mother is 83 years of age. She handed the phone over to her husband (who is 94 years of age) and he ended up paying nearly £200 for tablets using his debit card because if it helped her then he was willing to pay anything for her.

Please note - they are not wealthy and they are living on their pensions! £200 is a hell of a lot of money for them to have to pay out for tablets.

To date no tablets have arrived but at least the phone number was not withheld so she was able to do 1471 and write the number down. She has now given this phone number to her doctor so he can warn his other elderly patients.

Now I don't know who this Pain Clinic is and perhaps they will dispatch some tablets but any company that uses hard sell to confuse elderly people and make them part with nearly £200 need shooting! That is being polite - I could think of a lot of other things I would like to have done to them.

Sunday 16 May 2010

Three Weeks and Four Days

As I have spent today sorting out my holiday clothes and I still have three weeks and four days to go I guess I could be labeled as being a little big eager!

The weekend has been good with warmer weather at last but tonight we are now having a downpour. Oh well at least it waited until this evening.

Yesterday was spent delivering presents to two of the grandchildren. Amelia is 2 years old tomorrow and Oliver is 1 on the day after. Unfortunately Amelia and Poppy were at their aunts house for a birthday party so we didn't see them only Lisa and Bryce. But down at the other house Christopher, Emily and Oliver were very excited to see us and Oliver was allowed to open his present early so that we could see him play with his new toys.

I'll try and add a couple of photos once I've figured out how to get them off my new 'work' phone!

Sunday 9 May 2010

I am still here just a little weary

After a very exhausting and mentally tiring week at work I have done absolutely nothing this weekend!

I have pottered around indoors and fiddled about on the internet but I just haven't been able to summon the energy or enthusiasm to do much else. I just want to rest.

The election results haven't done much for the economy and the weather is depressing.

So here we are late on a Sunday afternoon and the dinner is on the go and now I have to start preparing for work tomorrow - oh joy!

Sorry to sound so negative but I am just so tired.... as they say "my get up and go has got up and gone".