Sunday 23 May 2010

Sunny Skies and 30 degrees

Yes it's true. 30 degrees C in our area of the UK at the moment. Glorious. After the grey skies and cold weather it is just so nice to see the sunshine.

So what am I doing posting on my blog while the weather is so brilliant? Well actually I'm sitting in my kitchen which leads straight through into my conservatory which has the double doors open straight onto the lawn. The pond has a new pump and is gaily pumping water down the small waterfall and the little stone boy is p**ing into the water (Mick's idea not mine). The birds are feeding off the bird feeders and there is peace and quiet. Hang on, I'll see if I can take a photo.

Not a very good photo but then I did use my phone camera! As you can see the garden is small and the Tamerisk tree is big! But we like it.

The hosepipe is topping up the pond at the moment as it is evaporating quite quickly.

Anyway, now time to get away from the laptop and out into the fresh air. Hope your weather is as lovely as ours.

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