Sunday 28 March 2010

Lovely Weekend

Well it's been a lovely weekend - tiring, hectic but lovely all the same.

The sun has been shining (in-between showers)and we have put the clocks forward and are now in British Summer Time. The temperature has been good and the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are budding. Yes Spring is on its way.

Unfortunately we are now being given another snow warning!

This weekend almost completed the distribution of Easter Eggs to the grandchildren. Poppy and Amelia have been on holiday with their mum and dad so unless Mick can pop in to see them on the way home from work this week they will have to wait until after Easter when we are back from France.

There is still so much to do both at work and home in the next three days but no doubt we will get there.

This is probably the only Sunday night in a long time that I've been happy to know that it is Monday tomorrow and I'm back at work. Boy am I looking forward to a rest :-)

Thursday 25 March 2010

Party time is on its way

Well I had been thinking ahead to the holiday season and all the partying in the sun but I had forgotten about end of term University parties. My stock is diminishing rapidly and I can see me sitting in France in the fifth-wheeler online ordering more stock for when I return home!

Not that I'm complaining at all - I get as much fun out of picking which items to order as I hope the buyers get out of buying them (well maybe not quite as much!).

The Burlesque outfits are certainly a hit and now the club wear is disappearing fast too.

Who would have thought that a casual conversation with Cefe in Spain last summer could have lead to me creating a website and successfully selling 'fun wear'.

Funny old life isn't it!

Monday 22 March 2010

Bumper Weekend

Well the weekend was certainly hectic. What with giving the trailer a spring clean and likewise the house my website has been as busy as hell!

What I want to know is where are all these parties that everyone is going to and why aren't I invited :-)

Seriously, it seems that there are more people finding my site than before and they are buying more than one item each. Today I had a bag full of parcels to post and I think that I may well have stock up again soon.

With regard to the day job - well that's as busy as ever and I'm certainly looking forward to having a week away. I think I may end up sleeping the entire week!

Kidding apart I am looking forward to being in the heart of the French countryside on a site that is known for peace and quiet (but having Wi-fi as an added extra).

Only 9 days to go :-)

Tuesday 16 March 2010

15 Days and Counting

Oh my God just noticed there is only 15 days until we go to France. Crikey I better start getting organised. 

Not only have I got to make sure we have everything in the trailer but we have got to get round to drop off the Easter eggs to the kiddies!

Mick has to do an oil change on the truck and I've got to make sure the house is so-so as Ricky is staying to look after the cats. 

Meanwhile my website is getting busy! So much to do - so little time!  

What fun..... 

Monday 15 March 2010

Assumptions and misunderstandings

Well it's been one of those weekends that I'd rather forget. Assumptions and misunderstandings!
Here in the UK it was Mother's Day on Sunday. Well the post arrived on Saturday and there were no cards so I assumed that would mean my daughter would be popping over to see me on Sunday. On Sunday morning I got up early and tidied up a bit and looked forward to seeing my daughter and grandchildren. By 2.30 in the afternoon I gathered she wasn't coming and at about 3 in the afternoon she phoned to see if the card she sent had arrived. She would have liked to come and see me bit she couldn't afford the diesel.
Sadly by then I was feeling a little upset and now several text messages later she is feeling awful and guilty and I am feeling awful for making her feel awful!
Think we will mark that weekend as one to forget. 
Oh and as for my son - well he text me first thing and then popped in at 6.30 at night for 5 minutes as he was busy!

Thursday 11 March 2010

Do you remember?

Chatting about recipes on the commute this morning we started talking about childhood food.

Do you remember:

cheese and potato pie
bubble & squeak
mince, veg & onions (without having pastry case or covered in potato)
home made steak & kidney pudding
sausage meat patties
cheese straws made from leftover pastry
bread pudding
bread & butter pudding
treacle pudding
spotted dick
syrup pudding
prunes & custard
home made jam tarts
home made jam

licking out the bowl after mixing up a cake (still do that now!)

How come we were never fat? Was it because we ran around more as children or was it just that the portion sizes were not so big?

I used to make everything myself but now I just don't get the time although I have spent the last couple of weekends cooking - but then nothing else gets done!

Memories, hey, now I know why my Dad used to talk about the good old days :-)

Nearly the Weekend Again

Where has the week gone? No sooner is one weekend over and done with than another weekend is upon us. Time is flying by and I don't seem to get half of the things done that I want to!

Before I know it I'll be getting my pension :-)

Sunday 7 March 2010

Ferry & Eurotunnel Booked for Summer

Yippee ferry timetable up today. All booked (shame ferry has gone up over £94 this year!!).

Will check where Balearia is berthed this year just in case we need to book with them next year.

Been a busy weekend - happy birthday Mick - and now it's back to work to pay for the holidays :-)

Friday 5 March 2010

Busy Weekend Ahead

Loads to do this weekend. I've got to get started on cooking the meals that I can freeze to take with us in the trailer. Mick is having to sort out the brakes on the Navara; put in the vehicle tracker; give the trailer its first wash of the season and I've got to check out what stock we have left, decide what I need to order and get our route organised.

Must also make a list of what Easter Eggs I need to get (to take them to the grandkids before Easter as we will be away) and I've also got to get my wardrobe sorted out as I've lost weight since working at my new job (well that's a bonus!).

Add to that it is Micks birthday on Sunday and if I get a chance I better bake him a cake :-)

Also I've just noticed I've made some sales on my website so I better get them ready to post on Monday....

But we will make time on Saturday night for our weekly sit down; have a drink and watch a video - all work and no play...

Monday 1 March 2010

Trasmediterranea Ferries

Anyone know if there is a problem with Trasmediterranea Ferries during the summer months?

I've been watching the timetables for a few weeks now and Balearia Ferries are showing their timetables for June but Trasmed just have a note saying no ferries after 15th June until 13th September!

We normally go from Barcelona in June via Trasmed and have always found them great to travel with but not living in Spain I'm not sure whether there is a 'problem' with the ferry company or whether they just haven't sorted out their timetable yet.

If anyone knows anything can you leave me a note.

Many thanks....