Wednesday 10 April 2013

Love, Life & all that stuff

After the chaos and stresses of the past four months I have barely had time to breathe let alone think.

But the last 6 days the pace of life has slowed down and time has been allowed to think.  With a lot going on within the family at the moment it leads you to reflect.

When I was younger and ‘in my prime’ life swept by caught up in the world of socialising, young children, family, friends and working to build your future.  It was hard and busy but you barely thought of the future.  That was something to be considered later for there was ‘forever’ in front of you.

Heading towards retirement you start to realise that working life does not go on forever.  There comes a time when you back away from the rat race.  You realise that your colleagues and friends will not be there every day.

Looking around you the realisation that you are no longer as young as you feel comes as a bit of a shock.  Where have those years gone?  What are those aches and pains?

When you turn to your children you realise they are adults with children of their own and their own futures to build and when you look the other way toward your parents they have moved on to the next stage in their lives.

Life is full of all these different stages and each stage brings along with it the most frightening thing of all – ‘change’.

Why is it that when we move out of our comfort zone we feel fear?  Change brings fear but we cannot stop it for that is what life is made of.

This next stage in our lives together has brought along massive change and likewise the fear of that change.  Once again the future is unclear, unknown and at a stage of life when we are getting older – very scary.

But we cannot be accused of staying in our comfort zone; we cannot say we have taken the easy life and at a stage when perhaps we should be sitting in our comfortable home in familiar surroundings we have taken that step into the abyss.  To be an adventurer in our own little story, to resist the easy life and take a step into whatever the future will bring.

Life – hey – we wouldn’t have it any other way.