Friday 25 March 2011

Good Day

Brilliant news today.

First of all Stanley has now been allowed home and is endeavouring, with the aid of his 3-wheeler trolley thing, to get back to normal.  Welcome home Stanley.

Secondly, we welcome into the world today little Sophie - our 10th grandchild - born 12.14 lunchtime today - just gave me enough time to nip out to the shops and get her an outfit :-)

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Japan, New Zealand, Haiti and the rest

With all the natural disasters that have been occurring recently it does tend to make you wonder what on earth is going on with the world we call home.

My mother is even wondering if the world is coming to an end!

It has been mentioned that it is all cyclical - perhaps on a 1,000 year cycle - and therefore any memories of past events would be long gone.  However when you have no control over events it does make you ponder on your own mortality.

It also reminds you of the important things in life and not the every day niggles that irritate and annoy you.

My heart goes out to all those going through these disasters or still trying to recover and come to terms with what has happened.

Words cannot express what horror and pain they are going through and I can only hope that soon time will heal a little.

Sunday 6 March 2011

Indiana Jones

Well my next project is to make an Indiana Jones birthday cake for little Stefan who is Indie mad - at age 3!

He runs around with his little leather jacket on pretending to be Indiana Jones and watches the films over and over again.

So I've got less than a month to figure out how to make an Indie cake while still working full time!  Crikey I better get better organised this time as it will take a bit longer than the Hello Kitty cake that I made for Katie last week :-)

I'm no expert but the kids seem to love them anyway.

Saturday 5 March 2011

El Leon Rojo

Please excuse me as I test out my link to

Just want to check that it's working.  For anyone that has used this link before remember to refresh your browser in case your cache is storing the old site!

Done it!

Done it, done it :-)

Doesn't it make you feel good when you solve the problem yourself!

Website is up and running but just got a few more alterations to it to make me happy.  Then I'll let Cefe know it's ready.  But got to add a gallery first and a review page but the most difficult part was getting the website to load in when you typed in the address.

Feeling chuffed with myself at the mo :-)


Drives you mad!

Well I've finished the new web site for my friends but have spent two days so far trying to get the URL to point to it!  When you type in their web address it still goes to the old website...

Now I've been into their web server and done everything I should have done but still it keeps pointing toward the old site that was created by someone else.  It doesn't help that the site is based in Spain and all the instructions are in Spanish.  Wow am I learning all the technical terms in Spanish!

I understand that the server only allows one website on the package he is on but I thought that I had asked it to overwrite the old existing one with my new one so why won't it go to it?  If you look at the site created on the server it is there and the old one does not exist - so what am I missing?

I guess I am also a bit wary of actually deleting everything and him ending up with no site at all...

Oh well I'll plod on today and see what I can do, after all it has to be something simple, doesn't it?

Oh and anyone out there with any advice - it would be gratefully received.