Saturday 5 March 2011


Drives you mad!

Well I've finished the new web site for my friends but have spent two days so far trying to get the URL to point to it!  When you type in their web address it still goes to the old website...

Now I've been into their web server and done everything I should have done but still it keeps pointing toward the old site that was created by someone else.  It doesn't help that the site is based in Spain and all the instructions are in Spanish.  Wow am I learning all the technical terms in Spanish!

I understand that the server only allows one website on the package he is on but I thought that I had asked it to overwrite the old existing one with my new one so why won't it go to it?  If you look at the site created on the server it is there and the old one does not exist - so what am I missing?

I guess I am also a bit wary of actually deleting everything and him ending up with no site at all...

Oh well I'll plod on today and see what I can do, after all it has to be something simple, doesn't it?

Oh and anyone out there with any advice - it would be gratefully received.

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