Monday 20 July 2015

Patience is a virtue but

I certainly do not have it!

First of all once the decision had been made to return to the UK then I just wanted to get on with it.

Then I had to wait a few months for my eye operation.  That in itself was a very stressful situation.  In a foreign country discussing an operation in another language other than my own.  My studies didn't include surgery!

Thankfully the surgeon spoke English.

Next there was our house on the market in a country known for being difficult to sell.  In the end we decided to go anyway and rent until our house was sold.

At the very last minute we got a purchaser and also the offer of staying with my mum until we found somewhere.

So off we went, the three of us, me, my hubby and our dog.

Now that we are in the UK there was the hunt for something we could afford.  After all moving to Mallorca, buying a house, selling a house and returning to UK all within 3 years takes a hefty toll on the finances.

So now we have been lucky enough to find somewhere but we are waiting to hear if our buyers' buyer has obtained a mortgage and if not then it's all off.  Also the house we are interested in haven't confirmed if they will proceed with us even though we offered the full asking price.  I guess they are suspicious of our sale proceeding.

Makes you wonder some times if you are actually doing the right thing.

Crikey my blood pressure must be high!