Sunday 21 February 2010

Spiders' Retreat

I think the word must have spread around within the spider world that my house is an open house for spiders and that they are safe and don't get squashed! Or that's the way it seems looking at the amount of webs I've been trying to get rid of today...

The sun is shining today - which makes a change - so it starts to get you into a Spring cleaning mood but how do you get those pesky spiders webs that are out of reach! Is there an extending feather duster anywhere that will reach high up in the stairwell? I know one thing is for sure and that is I'm not balancing on a ladder - so I guess until I find some way of reaching up there then the spiders are safe...

Thursday 18 February 2010

Dance Dance Revolution 2

Well my new game for the Wii has arrived and it looks like fun!

Not a game I'd play in front of strangers as I attempt to get my Mii to follow the dance moves on the screen.

Using the dance mat, controller and numchuck all my leg and arm movements will be registered and I'll be given a score from D to A according to how well I do. Well I guess on Saturday (first day I'll get chance to play) I guess I'll be getting a D...

Seems like a fun way to get fit...

I will give my progress later.

Sunday 14 February 2010

More Upbeat Post

Definitely having a great weekend and it's not due to Valentine's Day. Well maybe it is a little. Valentine's Day has created a lot of sales for me on my site and so I had to order some more stock. So I spent yesterday surrounded by lingerie while I did a stock-take. It was quite amusing.

What was even more amusing was my son phoning to ask if he could come and buy something for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. It's not so bad having an unusual mum after all...

Today I've been working on my website in-between putting a colour on my hair and going out into the fifth-wheeler to check on what stock is in the cupboards because we've got to start thinking about what we need to buy to take with us to France. Boy it must have been cold in the fifth-wheeler recently as the olive oil had gone solid! Didn't know that olive oil froze...

I really must check the ferry sites as well as the last time I looked June was not available yet. I have to get in quick and book it as soon as they are online as the cabins sell out very quickly.

Today the weather has been a little brighter, the sun did pop out briefly, but it is still freezing. Mind you the weather in Spain has been awful too looking at the weather forecasts just recently on TVE. Sorry Spain but the Spanish don't know how to build a snowman :-)

OK well Dancing on Ice is just coming on so must go now. Wish I could stay upright on ice!

Thursday 11 February 2010

Mental Exhaustion

To my dear friends that are getting concerned with my lack of blog entries. I am ok. I am just mentally exhausted. Physically exhausted I can cope with but mental exhaustion is a new one on me!

Now for those of you who don’t know me too well I have always relished learning. All my life I’ve done one course or another whilst working just so I could learn something new. It could be about anything – just something that I felt I wanted to learn more about.

I just liked to keep my brain occupied.

But the past couple of months have been bad. I am, as you already know, in this new job. The work that was taken on to move over with us into these new positions is all totally new to me. I have a growing list of work coming in from outside companies (who are relying on us to do it!) but I still am not being trained or advised on what I have to do. While the backlog is building up the new stuff is coming in – and there seems to be no end to it at the moment.

It is just complete and utter madness and chaos. I am attempting to train myself in something I do not know; I am having to make excuses as to why things are not done (and not allowed to tell the truth) and I feel guilty for letting people down.

Several times I have felt like calling it a day but I need to work to pay the bills and I hate the idea of being a quitter!

I am by nature an organised person and this total shambles goes against all I am comfortable with.

So with my brain working overtime during the day and keeping me awake at night I am now mentally drained.

Roll on Easter when I get away for a week!