Saturday 29 September 2012

Countdown to Move

Well our house is under offer, so it looks like it is all coming together nicely.

Just got a hundred and one things to do and numerous lists and notes to write!  

A lovely young lad and his parents came to view our property and for his first time to buy he is getting a lovely little place.  I hope he will be as happy here as we have been.

Crikey we have so much stuff to sort through and sell, dump or give away - 30 years worth!

Friday 14 September 2012

Day to Day Ramblings of Logistics of The Move

Well for anyone that wants a laugh if you look down the right hand side of this blog you will come across My Blog List.

I have added a link to my alternative blog that is going to detail my day to day frustrations and ramblings as I fight my way through the process of the big move!

Of course anyone with more experience than me (that's just about everyone) please feel free to comment or add advice for you may actually save me pulling my hair out.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Scary Stuff

Well the ball has started rolling now and it's a little scary!

After spending the past few weeks decorating we are almost finished and once done our house is going on the market.  I do hope there are still some buyers out there.

What had once begun as a future dream is hopefully about to become a reality and crikey what a lot to think about.  Move to Spain sounds so good but what a lot to organise.  My to do lists are growing every day.

So much to remember that I've started a separate site just to detail what's happening.  I will attach the link once I've finished setting it up just in case anyone is interested in reading about it all - panic attacks and all!