Sunday 25 September 2011

Final Trip in the RV before the winter


Well we have had a long weekend away in the trailer.  We stopped at a campsite near my mum.  On Saturday we went round to see my Mum & Stanley.  Since Stanley had his fall and broke his hip he has been unable to get around much and has to use a walking frame.  He has been unable to get outside into the garden and the only time he has had chance for fresh air is when the ambulance has come to take him for his check ups at hospital.

Well at 96 he has proved he is still a determined man.  As you can see from the photo below he firmly intended to make it out into the garden and manoeuvre the steps on the way.  With a little help from us as we stood beside and behind him he made it!  Well done Stanley you are an inspiration to all.

Mum and Stanley

A little snack

Kelly & Stefan

Kelly & Katie

Steven Seagull

Four generations of females from age 6 to 84

The men