Thursday 31 December 2009


While searching for new content for my webstore I came across reference to a new film under production at the moment. It is starring Christina Aguilera (my favourite) and co-starring Cher in a new production of Burlesque. Production started in November so I guess it will take about 6 months to a year before it is on the screens. Also I came across an advert for the London Burlesque week scheduled to start on 13th February 2010. Wow I guess it's making a definite comeback.

Now I don't know about you but I love Burlesque. I even have the old film Moulin Rouge on my iphone! I think burlesque is sexy, feminine and fun and my store seems to be progressing more down the line of burlesque than anything else. While being encouraged to still stock other items my passion is definitely more Burlesque than anything else.

Touch of nostalgia; romance and sexy - what more can you ask for :-)

Wednesday 30 December 2009

Gadget Savvy Grandparents

On a lighter note we had a 'compliment' from our oldest grandchild over Christmas. He is 13 and he was saying how we are not like normal grandparents (??? what is normal) because we know about computers, have iphones, touchscreen cameras and all the latest gadgets :-) When he wants advice on anything from ipod to laptop he comes to us for help.

Well I'm glad he thinks we are 'cool'.....

No Such Thing As Loyalty

Well there certainly is no such thing as loyalty anymore.

While sitting at home awaiting my return to work I received an official letter by email informing me of the transfer of my contract to the new employer that has 'bought' us.

It states within that letter that should we have any queries to contact ******* a person at the new company - someone I have yet to meet! So I guess my old employer just isn't interested anymore. Where have those ten years gone and what exactly did they mean. Nothing I guess.

Well when I return to work I still have 2-3 days packing up and getting ready for the move to the new company. I bet the atmosphere is going to be a bit strained.

Oh well guess loyalty only belongs to family and friends....

Tuesday 29 December 2009

Here comes 2010

Well I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and the New Year is just around the corner.

I can't say I will be sorry to see the back of 2009. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year for all concerned.

I don't know if you ever read up about feng shui but according to their theories 2010 is going to be even worse than 2009! I hope they are wrong.

I'm glad to say that the snow has cleared up around my area although they are forecasting another cold snap coming our way for the new year. It has to be the first time I can remember being a bit scared about walking. The snow itself was very pretty and great fun for the kids but as the temperatures plummeted and it turned to sheets of ice I found it very dangerous walking to the bus stop in the morning or returning home at night. You just couldn't seem to find anywhere to walk without sliding all over the place and no matter which shoes or boots I wore they just wouldn't grip...

I really don't know how you manage to run about in it as a child. I can only assume that you have no fear.

Anyway the shortest day has been and gone (and I am so pleased) and now I can tell myself that with each day it will get a little bit lighter. How I hate the dark mornings and nights. If I had been an animal I think I would have been one that hibernated during the winter months :-)

Well I've been lucky in that I've gained a few days extra holiday that were not expected. As the company I work for has now 'sold' us and the company I will be working for are not needing us until beginning of January I have been told to stay at home and I can do whatever work needs doing from here. Good old internet and emails. However should something urgent crop up then I will need to go in. You know which one I'm hoping for.

We've already started thinking about booking Eurotunnel for our Easter break in France. It seems when I started getting quotes for the fifth wheeler I put in the wrong category. I put it down as a trailer and the price was extortionate. However if you put it in as a 27' caravan the price becomes more reasonable. Good, I didn't fancy losing 8 hours on a ferry crossing when it only takes half hour on the train.

Well that's it for now

Happy New Year everyone. Feliz año nuevo.

Wednesday 23 December 2009

In Limbo Land

Well I'm now in limbo. No longer an employee of the company I work for but not due to start work at the new place we've been sold to until the New Year. Strange position to be in.... especially as I've still got to go to work at the old place.

Right now I'll be glad to get moving as the atmosphere at work is really bad and no-one would know it's Christmas. If it wasn't for the fact that the shops are packed with people buying presents you wouldn't know that tomorrow is Christmas Eve (or la Noche Buena for our Spanish friends).

I'm really looking forward to having a few days off work as it has been quite stressful which in turn plays up the arthritis in my neck.

Looking forward to the New Year and moving forward.

To anyone reading this blog I'll just say

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo

Sunday 20 December 2009

Our Family

Sorry to bore you but here are some photos taken today at our family get together.
Crazy but fun :-)

Me and Oliver



Five of our nine grandchildren

All of us

Poppy and Emily


Poppy and Amelia

Us and the grandchildren

All of us again.

Saturday 19 December 2009

Calm Before The Storm

Well somehow we have made it through this week of chaos! With so much happening at work and with the weather turning bad and covering us in a layer of snow we have now reached the start of our chaotic weekend.

All being well our little house should soon be full of 9 grandchildren and 9 adults! We will be bulging at the seams. I've warned our neighbour to wear earplugs :-)

For now I've got to start the food preparations and finish wrapping presents and tidying up the house - all of which will be wrecked within 5 minutes of the children arriving...

Our new camera arrived and we have had a play around with it so hopefully we should get some good photos.

So our Christmas starts this weekend and then it's back to work on Monday. But for now the sun is shining and the snow is looking very pretty. I've put food out for the birds and there is peace and quiet in the house while Mick is still sleeping... but not for long :-)

Tuesday 15 December 2009

Pre Christmas Celebrations

If I've been a bit quiet recently it's because so much has been going on.

Last weekend was spent 'spring cleaning' my house ready for the onslaught next weekend of all the kids/grandkids for our pre Christmas celebrations.

Why are you bothering they say. The kids will soon mess it up. Well at least I know it started off clean :-)

With 9 adults and 9 grandchildren my little place gets a bit crowded. So up goes the gazebo in the garden to create a little space for when the adults need a bit of peace or a place to have a quick smoke. Also the trailer is on our drive so if it gets too manic or is too cold we will overspill into that.

The food takes a bit of preparation but most of it has already been bought and the rest is on its way - thank goodness for home deliveries. I always lay on too much food and there is plenty left for packing up to go to work next week.

Talking of work - I think my job is safe. Well kind of. If all goes well then I am moving to the company that is buying out part of the business I'm at now. Can't say any more at the mo but it will all be happening in the New Year.

But back to next weekend. We are really looking forward to the chaos that occurs every time we have a family get together. Oh and it doesn't take too long to clear up the mess after they've left :-)

Our new camera should be arriving today so we should be able to take some decent photos. Hoping for a shot with all of us together - that's if the little'uns stand still long enough.

Well that's it for now. More later....

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Fifty Six Years On

Well here I am 56 today! Considering I was born prematurely and weighing in at only 2lbs - all those years ago - and not expected to live I haven't done too badly :-)

Do I feel any different? No. A little wiser, a bit more stubborn, but still the same girl inside.

We did pop out briefly yesterday to go to town and buy a few Christmas presents. We lasted about an hour and a half. It was just so crowded. I do believe the UK is running out of room!

So I came back home and did the rest of my Christmas shopping online. Thank goodness for the internet.

I guess each generation views their own 'time of life' as being the best era to be brought up in. I'm a bit in the middle there. I do believe my era was one of the best to grow up in but I do appreciate and embrace modern technology. However I'm beginning to believe that as you grow older and hark back about how it was so much better when you were younger that it is a natural part of growing old.

I know for sure that both my Dad and Dora had both had enough of this world as the changes within it had proved just too much for them to cope with. So perhaps it is mother nature's way of easing you forward and into the next life.

Oops maybe that's all a bit too heavy for today - especially on my birthday!

But today the sun is shining. The temperature has dropped over night and it is showing 1.7 degrees at the moment - the coldest yet this year. But to see a bit of sunshine just makes you feel so much better.

The forecast for the next few days is getting colder and windier. Winter is well and truly on its way with snow coming into Scotland and the North.

Time to get outside and top up the bird feeders I think.

Bye for now.