Tuesday 1 December 2009

Fifty Six Years On

Well here I am 56 today! Considering I was born prematurely and weighing in at only 2lbs - all those years ago - and not expected to live I haven't done too badly :-)

Do I feel any different? No. A little wiser, a bit more stubborn, but still the same girl inside.

We did pop out briefly yesterday to go to town and buy a few Christmas presents. We lasted about an hour and a half. It was just so crowded. I do believe the UK is running out of room!

So I came back home and did the rest of my Christmas shopping online. Thank goodness for the internet.

I guess each generation views their own 'time of life' as being the best era to be brought up in. I'm a bit in the middle there. I do believe my era was one of the best to grow up in but I do appreciate and embrace modern technology. However I'm beginning to believe that as you grow older and hark back about how it was so much better when you were younger that it is a natural part of growing old.

I know for sure that both my Dad and Dora had both had enough of this world as the changes within it had proved just too much for them to cope with. So perhaps it is mother nature's way of easing you forward and into the next life.

Oops maybe that's all a bit too heavy for today - especially on my birthday!

But today the sun is shining. The temperature has dropped over night and it is showing 1.7 degrees at the moment - the coldest yet this year. But to see a bit of sunshine just makes you feel so much better.

The forecast for the next few days is getting colder and windier. Winter is well and truly on its way with snow coming into Scotland and the North.

Time to get outside and top up the bird feeders I think.

Bye for now.

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