Monday 30 November 2009

While sitting watching X Factor and I'm a Celebrity last night I have to admit to playing a little on my laptop.

Now this is purely a female thing. I found the above website where you can upload a photo and do a 'makeover' online. So there I was playing around with different hairstyles; colours & make up. It was quite hilarious.

Isn't funny how you take for granted your youth. When I was younger I used to be forever changing my hairstyle and colour. One moment I'd have very long hair and the next I'd get bored and have it cut really short. Shortest I can remember was what they called then the pixie cut. Of course after a while I'd get bored with that and start to grow it long again.

Colours well I've been very dark brown, very pale blonde, chestnut, auburn, burgundy, golden blonde, ash blond, red and anything else inbetween. It got to the stage that I forgot what my natural colour was!

But playing around on that website last night has shown me that your skin tone must change with age because colours that used to look fine on me I found now made me look washed out. Also whereas it didn't matter what style I tried in my youth I could now see that they would now make me look bl**dy awful!!! Guess that's gravity for you.

So what is my hair now? Well it's a 'natural blonde' (to hide the grey) and it is still long. The bob I had cut a couple of years ago has grown out and after looking at the photos last night I can see why my hubbie didn't like it. I occasionally have it loose but most of the time I have it in a casual up style or tied back.

In England they used to say that you shouldn't have your hair long after the age of 40 (it might even have been younger than that) but I tend to find that over the age of 40/50 the short hairstyles all tend to make everyone look the same! Once you reach 60/70 well then you get to what they used to call the 'blue rinse brigade'. Although it's changed a lot here now there are still plenty of hair salons that naturally assume that you want the same hairstyle as all the other over 50/60/70's.

So what's my point? Well nothing really except that I am an individual. I want to wear my hair the way I want to. I want it to be whatever colour I want it to be.

Oh and I guess I don't want to conform.

Hey, hell I was a child of the 60's :-)

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