Monday 30 November 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Well it's 9 o'clock on Monday morning and it's raining still. It doesn't seem to have stopped raining for ages...

The only good thing today is that I woke up and heard the rain at 6 o'clock and smiled to myself and turned over and went back to sleep. Because today and tomorrow I've got my last two days holiday for the year. I've got to work over Christmas and as my birthday is tomorrow I thought I would make it a long weekend. Bliss, I'm sitting here in my pyjamas and I didn't have to stand at the bus stop in the rain.

Now some people may say it's a waste of two days holiday. Aren't you doing anything? they say. No I'm not. I'm just enjoying being at home; enjoying not having to get up at 5.30 in the morning and I can do just whatever I feel like doing.

Mick, as usual, is asleep still. (He's taken the time off too) Because Mick can sleep for Britain and when he's at home he doesn't normally emerge from bed until very late in the morning. But I love to just make the most of my free time.

I've been promising myself that I'd get my paints out and do some painting as I haven't had time just recently to do it. If I'm not at work I'm optimising my webstore which is a very time consuming thing to do. But today I think it's time to just relax and paint.

I have to pop out later to post one of my sales but with Paypal printing online postage labels all it takes is a trip to the nearest post box so that won't take long.

So rain, rain go away as I want to enjoy my last two days holiday.

Roll on summer.


Bigastroandbeyond said...

We notice that the weather has not been good in the UK.

We're over next week to see the girls before Christmas and hope that it improves then.

Maz said...

Well we are in the southeast and haven't had it as bad as the rest of the country. But I suppose the plus side is that the temperatures are higher than normal.

I'd bring a great big brolly with you though!

We've looked up Bigastro on Google Earth today and it looks like you are in a fabulously sheltered position. I expect you will be glad to get back however nice it is to see your girls :-)