Saturday 31 July 2010

Mini Señorita

Just a couple of pictures of Katie wearing her dress we brought back from Spain.

Time now to have a couple of Cuba Libres!

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Time to go back to Alcudia?

Well I've been back in the UK now for nearly 5 weeks and it feels like time to go back to Mallorca....

I miss our friends; I miss the blue skies (ours are grey!); I miss the sunshine (even though I know it is very hot there at the moment) and I'm running out of cigarettes :-)

Most of all I miss the way we feel when we are there... "home is where the heart is" - how do you say that in Spanish? "El Hogar es donde está el corazón" perhaps...

Time to go back - I wish!

Monday 26 July 2010

Ficcare Hair Clips

Now for a very female post - hair clips.

As you can see from my photos I have long hair. Most of the time I have it in an updo as I can't work with hair hanging around my face. The problem I have is finding something that will 'hold it up'.

I've tried numerous different clips etc and most of them are not very secure. I've tried hair barrettes, hair pins, hair claws, banana hair clips, you name it I've probably tried it but my hair is quite slippery and none of them really felt secure.

Well I've been looking into the Ficcare Hair Clip - see below:

The gap in the centre allows for hair to be bunched up yet allow the clip to close completely and therefore keeping all the hair in place.

But they are just so difficult to get hold of!! I spent quite a while checking around the internet to try and source these (thought it might be an additional product to sell on my websites) but you just can't get them unless you are a big company like Harrods or Selfridges. There is just one company within the UK that sells these online and the pricing is very expensive.

I, for one, can't justify paying $30-40 for one hair clip!

The idea is brilliant and the styles are great but the price leaves a lot to be desired. For those with plenty of money to spare I guess.

So come on Ficcare let us normal working women have a range that we can afford to buy lots of - and how about allowing us with webstores to buy them from you wholesale.

Sunday 25 July 2010

It's a lovely day

Well a lovely weekend in fact.

Yesterday for the first time for ages I got out my paints (artwork - not painting the house :-)) and spent the whole of the afternoon just painting.

I had forgotten how relaxing it was. Now I'm no Renoir but to me the finished product is an expression of what I was thinking about and what I could see in my mind and I am pleased with the result. It was an acrylic painting as I've gone back to my favourite medium - acrylics - as I find them more suitable for me than watercolour. I guess I can't paint well enough for watercolour and with acrylics there is the opportunity to correct any errors as you go along.

So that was yesterday. Today I'm up early while Mick is still sleeping and I've sat in my kitchen/conservatory with the doors open listening the birds singing. Sunday mornings are always great because no-one else is up and it is so peaceful.

Later on this morning we are going to the garden centre nearby as our water feature in the conservatory is getting a bit past its best and Mick spotted some new ones which he quite liked during the week when he popped in for some grass tonic. Yes, he's still off sick but the physiotherapy is working and he is feeling better than he has for a long time. I think he's got one more week off work before he is pronounced well enough to return to heavy lifting but we have to wait until next Friday to see what the Physio says.

Then this afternoon I have a lot of sandwiches to make - 4 loaves in fact. Connor the second eldest grandchild is 11 years old on Tuesday and Ricky has arranged for a party for him with about 60 friends - from his old school that he will be leaving. Well we have all taken on a role for the supplying of food and mine is making sandwiches - tuna; ham; cheese; tuna & cucumber, ham & cheese - and whatever other combination I can think of. We have been invited to drop in, if we wish, but it is about an hours drive away and is not starting until 7 pm tonight when I will be getting ready for work tomorrow. Not being a miserable grandparent but I think I'll leave the 60 eleven-year-old's and disco to themselves :-)

Right well I think I've nattered on long enough...

Friday 16 July 2010


Well if I've been a little quiet just lately it's because I'm having a go at learning html. Why? Well I've been using templates available online for websites etc and I just wanted to see if I can learn how to create them myself from scratch.

I guess I'm a bit of a 'control freak' - that is, I like to be able to control what I do - not have something control me. Well the templates are brilliant but there is only so much that you can change and then you can't alter anything else because the overall layout is normally hidden (well the designer did design it after all).

So in-between working; doing my forum; my website; and Cefe's website I am doing a course on html. Well it was Cefe's fault - again! (and mine) because I started creating a website for him from a template and wasn't happy with the way it looked.

Hence the "if you can't find what you want - do it yourself".

Who knows how long it will take............

Thursday 15 July 2010

Enrique to bear it all?

Enrique Iglesias' rash statement about water-skiing naked if Spain won the World Cup has not been forgotten by his fans and admirers.

After many inquiries as to whether he intends to pose naked Enrique said "a bet is a bet" and he will honour his bet but he's not telling anyone where or when yet!

Mind you it's getting good advertising space for his new album 'Euphoria' due out shortly.

I, for one, will watch for news of him getting his kit off - oh, and I will buy his new album too.

Monday 12 July 2010

Congratulations Spain!

Champions of the World! - Well World Cup 2010 :-)

I'm sitting here watching the team in the open topped bus going through Madrid and Mick says it's been going on since about 1pm today.

Enjoy your celebrations - you deserve it.

Campiones olé olé olé

Sunday 11 July 2010

Buena Suerte España

Well I'm sitting here in my David Villa shirt waiting to cheer on the team.

Good luck Spain I hope you win the World Cup tonight.

Viva España

Thursday 1 July 2010

Back to reality

After having a fantastic two weeks we are now four days into a reality check!

To start with the boiler repair was not as easy as expected and although the new pipework has been put in we still have to await for a new part to stop the boiler from cutting out and then the new exhaust chimney will cost us another £150.

Mick was back at work for two days and has now been put off sick with his back for 2 weeks while he awaits to see an orthopedic consultant.

Plus my work has been frantic and I am now wondering whether I really had a holiday or not!

But, of course, I know I had a holiday as I keep seeing entries on Facebook from our friends in Spain - some of the old photos are certainly funny and Cefe has a new Facebook Page called El Leon Rojo Restaurant.

Meanwhile I am working on a new website for him to replace the current one that he has because he can't alter anything on it. I just need to find the time to do it!!! Roll on the weekend when I will have some time to myself again...