Monday 26 July 2010

Ficcare Hair Clips

Now for a very female post - hair clips.

As you can see from my photos I have long hair. Most of the time I have it in an updo as I can't work with hair hanging around my face. The problem I have is finding something that will 'hold it up'.

I've tried numerous different clips etc and most of them are not very secure. I've tried hair barrettes, hair pins, hair claws, banana hair clips, you name it I've probably tried it but my hair is quite slippery and none of them really felt secure.

Well I've been looking into the Ficcare Hair Clip - see below:

The gap in the centre allows for hair to be bunched up yet allow the clip to close completely and therefore keeping all the hair in place.

But they are just so difficult to get hold of!! I spent quite a while checking around the internet to try and source these (thought it might be an additional product to sell on my websites) but you just can't get them unless you are a big company like Harrods or Selfridges. There is just one company within the UK that sells these online and the pricing is very expensive.

I, for one, can't justify paying $30-40 for one hair clip!

The idea is brilliant and the styles are great but the price leaves a lot to be desired. For those with plenty of money to spare I guess.

So come on Ficcare let us normal working women have a range that we can afford to buy lots of - and how about allowing us with webstores to buy them from you wholesale.

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