Monday 28 June 2010

England Out - We are supporting Spain

After the abysmal performance by England we will be wearing Spanish shirts and supporting our adopted country.

We returned back to the UK on Saturday night and I'm certainly glad we weren't sitting in the bar when England were thrashed by Germany.

Why can England only appear to play down one side of the field and didn't they know that you have to mark your opponents!

Personally I think there are too many players with egos that play alone and not together as a team. Now I'm no expert on football but it certainly was an embarrassing game.

Oh well viva España!

Thursday 24 June 2010

The Morning After

Woke up this morning to find a puddle on the apartment floor. Panic - what happened - do we have a leak?

Oh I remember. David soaked me with the hosepipe on the way home last night :-) Now all I've got to do is dry my clothes before we leave!

Also I think we need to pay the bill from last night!!!

No quiero salir....

Sunday 20 June 2010

A Good Night

Well today we have been recovering from too good a night last night. The boys from Dos Torres and our friends stayed well into the early hours and had a few too many as we celebrated them winning the championship and receiving their cup.

Promises were demanded and 'a date' has been promised and we are to celebrate Semana Santa with them in Dos Torres. We will be embarking on the journey with our trailer and it will probably take two good days journeying before we arrive in their area of Cordoba. But it is one of those journeys that we just have to experience.

So I've told our children - no giving birth/having christenings/parties or anything that we need to attend around next Easter because this time we are going to make it to their village - ¡ojála!

But today the realism that we have only four days left hit me as I booked my shopping online for next Sunday. We will have to leave here on Friday morning so Thursday night will definitely be a 'dry' night and only coffee will be drunk. Then there is the journey back through France and going home to no hot water or heating as Ricky phoned to let us know that the gas engineer that was servicing our boiler has discovered that the "gas fitter" that installed the boiler used the wrong size pipes and it is dangerous! He would have tried to repair it before we got home but unfortunately the trailer is parked in the way of the meter box and can't be moved until we get home.

Oh well we can always shower in the trailer!

So as I gazed outside at the rain today (the rain in Spain falls mainly on Mallorca today) I know that all too soon this holiday will be over.

Already Millie has gone home so one of us is missing. Then it will be us. Then it will be Steve, Maureen & Irene. We always make plans for next year - but in life you never know what can happen.

In this world of hard work and learning there are just the few occasions when you just relax, enjoy & have fun. It's a shame that there are not more of them.

So, I will cherish the last few days here; plan for the next visit and know that here in the Island I have lived some of the best memories.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Only a Spaniard could get a way with it

On a lighter note the football team is in Leon Rojo today celebrating winning their trophy. Well in fact they arrived last night and the partying will be continuing all day and night.

But only a Spaniard could get away with wearing red and white flowery shorts and a pink tee shirt and still look macho!

¡Viva España!

Hello Campers

Well today while wandering around the streets of Playa de Muro we have seen three motorhomes. Two of them were Spanish and the other one we didn't catch the number plate so we're not too sure.

Does this mean that motorhoming is becoming popular now in Spain?

To see them on the island is quite unusual and from our point of view (being campers ourselves) it is nice to see it becoming popular.

Now we have been told that Spain will allow campers to park up for up to a week at a time and we've seen one right beside the beach for a couple of days now. But the one thing that Mallorca is lacking (as far as we can see) is a campsite. Somewhere that motorhomers, caravaners or tenters can stop for a night or more with hook up points and waste disposal.

Well that is certainly food for thought.... Now all we need is a nice little windfall; permission from the authorities and we'll be on our way :-)

Update on hols

Well I would love to say that I've been too busy enjoying myself to write on the blog but that is only partly true!

I'm losing track now of the days but I think it must be at least 4 days since I've had a trapped nerve in my back which makes it painful to sit at the computer. Well actually it's blooming uncomfortable doing anything sitting! Lying on my back and standing are about the best I can do at the moment.

Anyway apart from that the holiday is great. It has been wonderful to be amongst our friends, Spanish & English, and sad when one of them had to return to the UK.

Talk has been about us taking our trailer to Dos Torres next Easter but that is too far away to think about at the moment although it could be very interesting - and a test for the little Spanish I know! It would mean severe studying of my Michel Thomas beginner, intermediate & advanced disks.

Today the weather is quite nice as the wind has dropped at last. A little overcast at times but still about 10 degrees warmer than the UK.

We watched England play football last night in our mate's bar. It was packed in there and it was lovely to see after the quiet start to the holiday season. Bless him he had to cope on his own until one of his friends turned up to help behind the bar. He was dashing all over the place but as usual the atmosphere was fun & friendly if not a bit chaotic.

I hope that is a good sign for the next few months of the holiday season as it was looking a bit bleak. But the Irish; German; English & Danish were out in force last night! The football was rubbish but the atmosphere was great :-)

Right well I've got to stand up and wander around for a bit now so more later.

Sunday 13 June 2010


Well here we are then.

It was an excellent journey this year with no problems at all through France and even Barcelona was fairly quiet. But by the time we boarded the ferry we were both shattered so a quick shower and into bed and we were fast asleep before the ferry had even started its journey.

Woken at 6 am we were greeted by a blue sky and sunshine. Perfect start to our holiday.

Arriving at our destination we were greeted by friends and we had again arrived 'home'.

Immediately I feel relaxed and now I'm off to continue with my holiday.

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Logging off for a while

Well tonight I'm packing away my laptop and it won't emerge again until we are in Spain.

If the new 'hotspot' phone works then I should be able to log on once we are there and settled in. But if it doesn't work then you won't hear from me for a couple of weeks.

Why do you take your laptop on holiday with you? Well I just can't resist logging on while I wait for Mick to get ready to go out (or get up). Some people you just can't hurry and he's one of them.

I've learnt over the years to chill out and do something else while I wait for him so that's why my laptop comes with me. Along with my paints and pencils for having a go when I'm feeling artistic.

You see even on holiday I can't stop doing things....

But I do chill out, I do relax, I do have a siesta but most of all I have fun and laugh with our friends. Sadly something that is missing for a vast majority of the rest of the year!

So bye for now - this time tomorrow we'll be on our way to France and on our way :-)

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Two Days and then a well earned rest

The past six months have been rather stressful and tiring and I am looking forward to a break away from the rat race.

My body and mind are ready for a break and I know that as soon as I get in the truck on Thursday night I will start to unwind!

It's quite a tiring drive to Barcelona to get there in time for the ferry on Friday night but it is well worth it. The freedom of the road can't be beaten and the cabin on the ferry is worth the extra it costs just to get a good night's sleep (rocked to sleep gently as the ferry cruises across to Palma).

On Saturday morning bright and early (6.30 a.m.) we will arrive in Palma; refreshed and well rested and ready to start our holiday.

It is always a wrench to leave Spain at any time but I feel that this year it will be even worse.

¡Ojalá! that one day we won't have to dash back to work.

Monday 7 June 2010

It Will Be Farewell To Our Old Motor Home

Well it is soon to be goodbye to the old girl. We had a great time touring France in her and it was our first purchase to see if we liked it on the road. It was a success and if you have seen the photos of our new fifth wheel RV trailer then you will realise that we take our freedom seriously :-)

Just as we are due to go off on holiday we have been approached by someone who wants to have a way of being able to afford holidays with their children.

A deal has been shaken on and upon our return from holiday it will be given an MOT and put back on the road.

I hope they enjoy it as much as we did.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Soccer Aid 2010

Well I'm settling down to watch Soccer Aid 2010 in aid of UNICEF.

The line up is quoted as being:

England XI

Ralph Little, Ricky Hatton, Paddy McGuiness, Robbie Williams, Harry Redknapp, Teddy Sheringham, Bradley Walsh, Jamie Redknapp, Olly Murs.
Back Row: Bryan Robson, Rupert Penry-Jones, Alan Shearer, Nicky Butt, Dominic Cooper, Damien Lewis, Jamie Theakston, David Seaman, Jonathan Wilkes, Martin Keown, Ben Shephard, James Corden, Clive Tyrrell

Rest Of The World XI

Shane Filan, James Kyson-Lee (From Heroes), Michael Sheen, Kenny Dalglish, Ryan Giggs, Gethin Jones, Nicky Byrne.
Back Row: Ian Rush, Brian Lara, Simon Baker, Woody Harrelson, Patrick Kielty, Jens Lehman, Gordon Ramsay, Joe Calzaghe, Henrik Larsson, Eric Harrison

It looks like it's going to be a great evening and I hope they raise plenty of money.

Give your donation now. I went online at www.ITV.COM/Socceraid and you can pay by Paypal or credit card.

Saturday 5 June 2010

World Cup 2010

Well I'm actually looking forward to watching the World Cup as we will be in Spain for most of the tournament.

There is nothing better than sitting in the bar with your friends, having a nice meal, a drink or two, and a balmy summer evening.

We shall be arriving in time for Korea v. Greece and England v USA. Oh well if England don't do well then at least we can celebrate with our second team - Spain of course.

Spain v. Switzerland on Wednesday 16th June. That should be a great game.

Put the cuba libres on ice :-)