Saturday 19 June 2010

Update on hols

Well I would love to say that I've been too busy enjoying myself to write on the blog but that is only partly true!

I'm losing track now of the days but I think it must be at least 4 days since I've had a trapped nerve in my back which makes it painful to sit at the computer. Well actually it's blooming uncomfortable doing anything sitting! Lying on my back and standing are about the best I can do at the moment.

Anyway apart from that the holiday is great. It has been wonderful to be amongst our friends, Spanish & English, and sad when one of them had to return to the UK.

Talk has been about us taking our trailer to Dos Torres next Easter but that is too far away to think about at the moment although it could be very interesting - and a test for the little Spanish I know! It would mean severe studying of my Michel Thomas beginner, intermediate & advanced disks.

Today the weather is quite nice as the wind has dropped at last. A little overcast at times but still about 10 degrees warmer than the UK.

We watched England play football last night in our mate's bar. It was packed in there and it was lovely to see after the quiet start to the holiday season. Bless him he had to cope on his own until one of his friends turned up to help behind the bar. He was dashing all over the place but as usual the atmosphere was fun & friendly if not a bit chaotic.

I hope that is a good sign for the next few months of the holiday season as it was looking a bit bleak. But the Irish; German; English & Danish were out in force last night! The football was rubbish but the atmosphere was great :-)

Right well I've got to stand up and wander around for a bit now so more later.

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