Tuesday 8 June 2010

Two Days and then a well earned rest

The past six months have been rather stressful and tiring and I am looking forward to a break away from the rat race.

My body and mind are ready for a break and I know that as soon as I get in the truck on Thursday night I will start to unwind!

It's quite a tiring drive to Barcelona to get there in time for the ferry on Friday night but it is well worth it. The freedom of the road can't be beaten and the cabin on the ferry is worth the extra it costs just to get a good night's sleep (rocked to sleep gently as the ferry cruises across to Palma).

On Saturday morning bright and early (6.30 a.m.) we will arrive in Palma; refreshed and well rested and ready to start our holiday.

It is always a wrench to leave Spain at any time but I feel that this year it will be even worse.

¡Ojal√°! that one day we won't have to dash back to work.

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