Sunday 20 June 2010

A Good Night

Well today we have been recovering from too good a night last night. The boys from Dos Torres and our friends stayed well into the early hours and had a few too many as we celebrated them winning the championship and receiving their cup.

Promises were demanded and 'a date' has been promised and we are to celebrate Semana Santa with them in Dos Torres. We will be embarking on the journey with our trailer and it will probably take two good days journeying before we arrive in their area of Cordoba. But it is one of those journeys that we just have to experience.

So I've told our children - no giving birth/having christenings/parties or anything that we need to attend around next Easter because this time we are going to make it to their village - ¡oj├íla!

But today the realism that we have only four days left hit me as I booked my shopping online for next Sunday. We will have to leave here on Friday morning so Thursday night will definitely be a 'dry' night and only coffee will be drunk. Then there is the journey back through France and going home to no hot water or heating as Ricky phoned to let us know that the gas engineer that was servicing our boiler has discovered that the "gas fitter" that installed the boiler used the wrong size pipes and it is dangerous! He would have tried to repair it before we got home but unfortunately the trailer is parked in the way of the meter box and can't be moved until we get home.

Oh well we can always shower in the trailer!

So as I gazed outside at the rain today (the rain in Spain falls mainly on Mallorca today) I know that all too soon this holiday will be over.

Already Millie has gone home so one of us is missing. Then it will be us. Then it will be Steve, Maureen & Irene. We always make plans for next year - but in life you never know what can happen.

In this world of hard work and learning there are just the few occasions when you just relax, enjoy & have fun. It's a shame that there are not more of them.

So, I will cherish the last few days here; plan for the next visit and know that here in the Island I have lived some of the best memories.

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