Saturday 19 June 2010

Hello Campers

Well today while wandering around the streets of Playa de Muro we have seen three motorhomes. Two of them were Spanish and the other one we didn't catch the number plate so we're not too sure.

Does this mean that motorhoming is becoming popular now in Spain?

To see them on the island is quite unusual and from our point of view (being campers ourselves) it is nice to see it becoming popular.

Now we have been told that Spain will allow campers to park up for up to a week at a time and we've seen one right beside the beach for a couple of days now. But the one thing that Mallorca is lacking (as far as we can see) is a campsite. Somewhere that motorhomers, caravaners or tenters can stop for a night or more with hook up points and waste disposal.

Well that is certainly food for thought.... Now all we need is a nice little windfall; permission from the authorities and we'll be on our way :-)

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