Friday 29 September 2017

Fighting Fit Again

Hi everyone.  It's been an age since I wrote a post and looking back over the last couple of posts I realise that I left out a lot of what has gone on!

But that doesn't matter and I surely don't want to bore everyone with the gory details.

However this week I had my 'over a year' hospital check up.  That made it the third check up since my op.  Well it seems my hard work at getting fitter has worked as I've been given the OK to now go onto yearly check ups.  I could dance around the room and when the Consultant examined me and said 'perfect' I felt like jumping for joy!

For the past year I had tried not to think too far into the future and in fact I was scared to even think of having a future but now my dreams have started to return.  I am fighting fit again 😜

Life can really be great at times.