Tuesday 15 December 2009

Pre Christmas Celebrations

If I've been a bit quiet recently it's because so much has been going on.

Last weekend was spent 'spring cleaning' my house ready for the onslaught next weekend of all the kids/grandkids for our pre Christmas celebrations.

Why are you bothering they say. The kids will soon mess it up. Well at least I know it started off clean :-)

With 9 adults and 9 grandchildren my little place gets a bit crowded. So up goes the gazebo in the garden to create a little space for when the adults need a bit of peace or a place to have a quick smoke. Also the trailer is on our drive so if it gets too manic or is too cold we will overspill into that.

The food takes a bit of preparation but most of it has already been bought and the rest is on its way - thank goodness for home deliveries. I always lay on too much food and there is plenty left for packing up to go to work next week.

Talking of work - I think my job is safe. Well kind of. If all goes well then I am moving to the company that is buying out part of the business I'm at now. Can't say any more at the mo but it will all be happening in the New Year.

But back to next weekend. We are really looking forward to the chaos that occurs every time we have a family get together. Oh and it doesn't take too long to clear up the mess after they've left :-)

Our new camera should be arriving today so we should be able to take some decent photos. Hoping for a shot with all of us together - that's if the little'uns stand still long enough.

Well that's it for now. More later....

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