Thursday 11 February 2010

Mental Exhaustion

To my dear friends that are getting concerned with my lack of blog entries. I am ok. I am just mentally exhausted. Physically exhausted I can cope with but mental exhaustion is a new one on me!

Now for those of you who don’t know me too well I have always relished learning. All my life I’ve done one course or another whilst working just so I could learn something new. It could be about anything – just something that I felt I wanted to learn more about.

I just liked to keep my brain occupied.

But the past couple of months have been bad. I am, as you already know, in this new job. The work that was taken on to move over with us into these new positions is all totally new to me. I have a growing list of work coming in from outside companies (who are relying on us to do it!) but I still am not being trained or advised on what I have to do. While the backlog is building up the new stuff is coming in – and there seems to be no end to it at the moment.

It is just complete and utter madness and chaos. I am attempting to train myself in something I do not know; I am having to make excuses as to why things are not done (and not allowed to tell the truth) and I feel guilty for letting people down.

Several times I have felt like calling it a day but I need to work to pay the bills and I hate the idea of being a quitter!

I am by nature an organised person and this total shambles goes against all I am comfortable with.

So with my brain working overtime during the day and keeping me awake at night I am now mentally drained.

Roll on Easter when I get away for a week!

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