Sunday 27 February 2011

All systems go...

Well I managed the drive back along the M25.  Nearly 100 miles - that's pretty good going for me!

We have spent today trying to get the abuse out of it from the previous owner who appeared to be a dry-liner who liked fishing; sweets; an occasional roll up and had a black dog!  Well that is what the evidence we found told us anyway... But here is the car.  I think that it is quite big enough to enable us to sleep overnight in it when we are en route to Spain in the summer.  In fact with the back row of seats taken out of it I can lie down quite comfortably so that should give us a good night's sleep and help prevent Mick's back from playing up.

I ache rather a lot now though - can't do as much as I used to!  A nice hot bath relaxed me but it hasn't taken away the aching muscles and now I feel quite tired.  Just hope I remain that way because I am a dreadful sleeper normally...

So now I have the registration number I have booked the ferry (crikey it's gone up a lot this year); booked Eurotunnel and am all set for the summer hols.

You may think I'm eager but our break at Easter is less than 8 weeks away and then when we get back from there we only have about the same amount of time before we are due to go to Mallorca.

I just won't think about the money, I'll just keep on working :-)

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