Friday 4 February 2011

Replacement replacement hip op

Well I am so pleased today that Stanley has come through his emergency operation.

My mum phoned in a panic yesterday as Stanley, age 94, had fallen in the kitchen the night before while taking his cup out to wash it up before bed.  As he fell he landed full weight on his hip and it broke!

Now he already has two hip replacements but undergoing emergency treatment today entailed a 6 hour operation which was quite tricky and in which they had to remove his previous hip and insert a longer length hip replacement.

Bless him before his operation he even arranged for his Masonic friends to be notified and they called round to see my mum today with a bunch of flowers and to see if there was anything they could do for her.

Have to admit that it brought a tear to my eye that even as he was in pain his first thought was to make sure that mum was being looked after.  You don't find many like him nowadays.

So while he is in the recovery room I will just say "Bless you Stanley, make a swift recovery".  After all he is wanting to get his telegram from the Queen!

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