Saturday 26 February 2011

New Motor

Well today I drove almost 100 miles in our truck which is not bad going for someone who hasn't been behind the wheel for about 6 months!

The problem with commuting to work is that I never get chance to drive anywhere and boy was I nervous about all that mileage on the M25!

My incentive was the fact that it is Mick's birthday in about a week and the only thing he wanted was a car that would be comfy to drive to Spain in, and I had received a small annual bonus, so I promised if he could find one within the price range then he could have it.

Well we found one that was in auction but we had to travel to pick it up.  So I told myself I could still do it and I did.  Mind you the weather didn't help - it was raining.

So now we are back to two vehicles.  The truck for pulling the trailer and a Chrysler Grand Voyager for driving about in comfort and it has cruise control which is essential when driving all those miles to Spain.

Now Mick is making a shopping list for Halfords for cleaning equipment etc....

Mind you I told him not to expect a birthday present like that next year!

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