Sunday 28 March 2010

Lovely Weekend

Well it's been a lovely weekend - tiring, hectic but lovely all the same.

The sun has been shining (in-between showers)and we have put the clocks forward and are now in British Summer Time. The temperature has been good and the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are budding. Yes Spring is on its way.

Unfortunately we are now being given another snow warning!

This weekend almost completed the distribution of Easter Eggs to the grandchildren. Poppy and Amelia have been on holiday with their mum and dad so unless Mick can pop in to see them on the way home from work this week they will have to wait until after Easter when we are back from France.

There is still so much to do both at work and home in the next three days but no doubt we will get there.

This is probably the only Sunday night in a long time that I've been happy to know that it is Monday tomorrow and I'm back at work. Boy am I looking forward to a rest :-)

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