Saturday 3 April 2010

Settled in the Limousin

Well here we are sitting in the heart of the Limousin in our fifth-wheeler - and it's raining :-)

Not that we care. The drive down on Thursday was in sunshine. Our overnight stop at Le Mans was fine, if not a bit on the chilly side, but we arrived amongst drizzle and rain at about 5pm yesterday.

Today I was awoken by the sound of a cockerel in the distance - now that's a hell of a lot better than being awoken by the sound of vehicles and horns!

We had a marvellous greeting from Bob and Di who greeted us like old friends. The campsite has all the facilities we need and we have mains water and waste connections on our pitch. Added to that the electricity is 16 amp and so we are able to use all the extras in our trailer such as electric kettle; coffee machine; TV; in fact it is the first time we have ever been able to use everything at once! That's what comes of picking a site where the owners have an RV and know what people really need :-)

Now what did we forget (you always forget something). Well surprisingly everything had been loaded in the trailer and at first it appeared we had forgotten nothing - that is until we went to clean up and clean our teeth - damn where was that toothpaste?

After trying to rack my brain as to how people cleaned their teeth before the invention of toothpaste (baking soda; salt?) I discovered that by dipping your toothbrush in clean what there was enough toothpaste still in the brushes to clean them two or three times. Now we are off to find the local shops and buy some toothpaste.... Oh well, it could have been worse....

Oh and of course we have wi-fi.

Happy Easter everyone.

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