Wednesday 28 April 2010

Hola España

Well I've been a bit busy over the past few days. has been working hard at showing my items from my website and several orders have been coming in!

Being rather an Españaphile (if I can make up the word) it makes me feel good to be sending orders to Spain. (Mick tells me the word should be Hispanophile! - who am I to argue.)
Also talking about Spain - there are only 6 weeks to go before I will be making my annual visit and I can't wait.

The weather in the UK has been rather good just lately and it is lovely to be able to walk around without a coat on but I know where I'd rather be.

Today I was lucky enough to be taken out to lunch - as a bit of business PR and a thank you for the work I've been putting in.

I still can't handle the 'eating and drinking' during the day and the whole 'team building' lark still leaves me a little cold. However it was nice to catch up with old colleagues but I have to admit that I still feel there is more to life than work.

With seven more years to go until 'retirement' I make no secret of the fact that when Mick retires in four years time then I am hoping that I can be in a position to retire too. Not that I intend to sit around and do nothing - that's why I'm attempting to build up an internet business - but the whole 'rat race' is for those still with the enthusiasm for corporate life. After 40 years of work that diminishes rather a lot!

Give me peace, tranquility and as much time spent with my husband that life has left in store for us.

Life is just too short and it should be grasped with both hands...

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