Sunday 11 April 2010

Back to business

Well business is blooming on my website and as predicted I had to place a new order for stock. I was surprised to see that even though I had put a note saying no orders would be dispatched over the Easter holiday period I returned home to find several orders all willing to wait until my return for their purchase.

Most popular at the moment seems to be the club wear, corsets and leather and there are no end of suggestions for new items!

A new one for me was the request from another site who had purchased an item that they had run out of and wanted it sent direct to their customer. So it seems I could be doing drop-shipping as well.

I still enjoy immensely the researching of new products and testing what I feel will be a good seller. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I get it wrong, but I am still learning.

On the subject of my number one job I return tomorrow and I have to admit that going back to the 'rat race' after having a week of peace and tranquility is not exactly exciting me but I guess by this time tomorrow I will be back into it and would have forgotten all about the cockerel waking me in the morning and the birds singing - and actually being able to hear them.

Que sera....

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