Thursday 8 April 2010

Last night at Champagnac la Riviere

Well that's it! Last day today, and last meal cooked in this South-West region of France.

I've started to store things away again because we will be on the move at about 9.30 tomorrow morning.

Refreshments are prepared for our 916 mile journey and we are planning on reaching the Somme area for our last stop before Calais.

The TV is on and Mick is watching it; well that is all he is doing - the volume is turned down as we want to hear the birds making for their nests for one last time before we return to the chaos that is the South East of England and London.

It is surprising how little you need really. We are lucky on this site as the pitch is fully equipped and so there is no limit to the amount of water or electricity we can use.

Basically that is all you need. The gas bottles have lasted so we are able to cook with no problems and we need nothing else. OK my luxury has been having free access to the internet which has meant I can blog more this week than I normally have time to.

But we have more or less just relaxed and unwound this week. It won't take long back at work to forget about that!

Thanks France for a great break.

Now only 9 weeks and we will be heading this way again en route to Barcelona and from there to Alcudia - I can't wait :-)

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