Monday 5 April 2010

Trailer Life Part Two

As I sat on the step watching the sun go down; listening to the birds before they went to bed and just looking around I realised what was so nice.

I felt safe and secure.

Being in the heart of the countryside the only people around are the locals and those on the campsite. The locals all love the campsite (brings in new faces & trade for them) and on the campsite you are like a big family where everyone is friendly and helpful.

You can sit in your little trailer with no fear of what is outside as you are cocooned within your own little world.

The barrier goes down at dusk and the only access is via a small gate at the side. Anyone coming in after dark would have to bypass the attention of the dogs on the site.

If this is what it used to be like many years ago when our grandparents used to be able to leave their doors open without fear of robbery or worse then I can understand why people yearn for the 'good old days'.

I know not everything is bad about the here and now but feeling safe and secure and peaceful is just priceless.

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