Tuesday 6 April 2010

Clear Blue Skies

Today it's 23 degrees with clear blue skies and no wind. The only sounds are the birds chirping, an occasional crow from the local cockerel and the chatter as people pass the time of day with one another.

So why am I on my laptop? Well I've sat on the step and gazed into nowhere just chilling out and I've nattered to our neighbours but I heard the familiar alert as email was received. Blow me but someone has placed an order on my website even though I left an alert saying no orders could be dispatched until next weekend! I've emailed them to check that they are happy with the dispatch date and await their reply and while I was at it I thought I better check my stock level.

Looks like tonight I will be reviewing my suppliers new items as my stock is getting below a level that I am happy with.

Meanwhile I look around at the other happy campers and just wonder how they do it. Do what you may ask? But that leads me to my next post...


Bigastroandbeyond said...

Do you remember those halcyon days when there was no Internet? There wasn't even a mobile phone that people could contact you on.

When you were on holiday, you were left in peace.

Maz said...

Yes I remember but now I guess we would feel lost without them! Or I'd feel lost without the internet :-) Something to do between relaxing and ... relaxing.