Wednesday 7 April 2010

RV Full-timing

Well there are several RVs here that are definitely full-timing. Phil and Des for example decided they had enough of living in England and made the decision to sell up and go on the road and that is exactly what they are doing. They spent the winter in Portugal and are now en route through France to return to England for an MOT and then they are off again.

They fancy having a drive around the USA and anywhere else that takes their fancy - after all there is nowhere to tie them down now.

I asked how they managed to squeeze a lifetime together into an RV and they said that you have to be ruthless and only take exactly what you need and what is of paramount importance to you.

They have a washing machine in their RV and the outside world is their garden.

I admire them because I don't think I could be so brave.

Questions that I wonder about is how do they finance it? If financed through the sale of a house then what happens when your RV needs replacing or your money runs out?

I love our fifth-wheeler and it is a test to anyone's relationship when you both live together in a 26' box - something luckily we have no problems with - but what if you need a bit of 'space' for an hour or two...

Yes I love holidaying in it but I couldn't live in it permanently. Saying that, I could live in it on our own plot of land. For example if we were doing somewhere up then I could live in it while we were doing a 'house' up and were living on 'our' land.

I guess I need some form of roots somewhere... Somewhere to call home; an address to give people; my own little space.

Yes I admire their courage and commitment to travelling the world but both me and Mick tend not to have wanderlust. After all we have been returning to Spain for the past twenty five years because we feel at home there. We will be returning to Parc Verger again because we 'feel at home' here.

But to wander the world with my home on my back - well I'm not brave enough for that but I can dream of the peace and tranquility that you encounter when parked up in the countryside; I can relish in the knowledge that when on the road the phone does not ring (only your mobile and people you want to speak to) and there are no door to door salesmen knocking on your door.

Somewhere there is a place for us ... we just haven't found it yet :-)

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