Thursday 11 March 2010

Do you remember?

Chatting about recipes on the commute this morning we started talking about childhood food.

Do you remember:

cheese and potato pie
bubble & squeak
mince, veg & onions (without having pastry case or covered in potato)
home made steak & kidney pudding
sausage meat patties
cheese straws made from leftover pastry
bread pudding
bread & butter pudding
treacle pudding
spotted dick
syrup pudding
prunes & custard
home made jam tarts
home made jam

licking out the bowl after mixing up a cake (still do that now!)

How come we were never fat? Was it because we ran around more as children or was it just that the portion sizes were not so big?

I used to make everything myself but now I just don't get the time although I have spent the last couple of weekends cooking - but then nothing else gets done!

Memories, hey, now I know why my Dad used to talk about the good old days :-)


Bigastroandbeyond said...

The taste for those things never leaves you. I used to love dumplings and Fray Bentos steak and kidney puddings. Suet isn't good for you though so we don't have them any more - sad!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever dip bread in the fat from around the Sunday roast, it was lovely. Millie

Maz said...

Keith, dumplings, lovely. I go on the reasoning that a little of what you fancy does you good. So once now and again doesn't hurt!

Millie - never tried dipping bread from around the Sunday roast but have had dripping on bread :-)