Friday 5 March 2010

Busy Weekend Ahead

Loads to do this weekend. I've got to get started on cooking the meals that I can freeze to take with us in the trailer. Mick is having to sort out the brakes on the Navara; put in the vehicle tracker; give the trailer its first wash of the season and I've got to check out what stock we have left, decide what I need to order and get our route organised.

Must also make a list of what Easter Eggs I need to get (to take them to the grandkids before Easter as we will be away) and I've also got to get my wardrobe sorted out as I've lost weight since working at my new job (well that's a bonus!).

Add to that it is Micks birthday on Sunday and if I get a chance I better bake him a cake :-)

Also I've just noticed I've made some sales on my website so I better get them ready to post on Monday....

But we will make time on Saturday night for our weekly sit down; have a drink and watch a video - all work and no play...

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