Monday 15 March 2010

Assumptions and misunderstandings

Well it's been one of those weekends that I'd rather forget. Assumptions and misunderstandings!
Here in the UK it was Mother's Day on Sunday. Well the post arrived on Saturday and there were no cards so I assumed that would mean my daughter would be popping over to see me on Sunday. On Sunday morning I got up early and tidied up a bit and looked forward to seeing my daughter and grandchildren. By 2.30 in the afternoon I gathered she wasn't coming and at about 3 in the afternoon she phoned to see if the card she sent had arrived. She would have liked to come and see me bit she couldn't afford the diesel.
Sadly by then I was feeling a little upset and now several text messages later she is feeling awful and guilty and I am feeling awful for making her feel awful!
Think we will mark that weekend as one to forget. 
Oh and as for my son - well he text me first thing and then popped in at 6.30 at night for 5 minutes as he was busy!

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Bigastroandbeyond said...

That is sad. You work hard for your children and expect such a little in return. At least your daughter sent you a card if a little late.

I have to confess, I don't recall my brother and I ever sending my mother a card when she was alive but them Mother's Day wasn't such a big thing then.

When our children were young, they always reminded me to buy a card and a gift for them to give their mum. Now of course they send their own and never forget.