Sunday 30 May 2010

Almost Flaming June - Where's the sun?

Well it is a bank holiday, it is the 30th May, everyone is ready for their barbecues and as per normal in the UK the sun has decided to go elsewhere!

Did I really crow over the fact that it was 30 degrees a week or so ago. Well now it's only 16.5 degrees and the wind is blowing. I bet you anything that it will be wall to wall sunshine and back to 30° once we return to work!

Oh well I've got less than two weeks now before I'm back in Spain so I'll keep focusing on that.

Right I must get on with that list of jobs that I've got to get done before I go away, now where did I put that list......

1 comment:

Petrus said...

Never a true word spoken .. we are promised rain tomorrow !!