Monday 31 May 2010

Packed my suitcase

Does packing your suitcase 10 days before you go away count as being a little eager I wonder or is it just being organised and prepared.

I didn't intend to but Mick always leaves me to sort out what clothes to take, etc, and once I got started sorting out the clothes (to see what else we needed) I just kind of got carried away.

On a practical front our house isn't that big and the spare room is already full of boxes of stock from my webstore so there just wasn't enough space to leave clothes in neat little piles (plus the cats would lay all over them). So I got the suitcases out of the loft and packed them.

Mind you, as usual, I did find there are a few little items that I've just got to get before we go away.

Retail therapy in London doesn't really go together but I guess I'll find what I need.

Funny how the thought of going to work tomorrow after a Bank Holiday weekend doesn't seem quite so bad when you want the next 10 days to go by quickly :-)

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