Friday 22 October 2010

Back on track

Well apart from a bit of a stiff neck and twinging muscles I think I'm back on track.

Got the urge today to get on with some more web design so am taking loads of breaks but studying the course as I can take it in a lot better without distractions!

Tried out the new Tempur pillow last night and it is really weird but not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.  I did wake up with a few more muscles aching but think it is because I have been forced to lie in the correct position.  Oh well we will see.

I've also been participating in the trial version of Tell Me More (a Spanish course) which is excellent but does have its niggly bits.  More my computer than the course.  It has voice recognition which I thought would be an excellent way of checking my pronunciation - and it is good - however at times the program cannot pick up my voice properly and it is frustrating!  I have checked and double checked my microphone settings and they all appear to be working correctly.  But when you carefully pronounce a word and then it asks you to repeat it - again and again - I just feel like shouting at it!  Guess that's not good for my blood pressure lol!

The first week I was off sick all I wanted to do was sleep but now my mind is working again and I have to start using it.... not in excess though!

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