Friday 8 October 2010

Time For a Check Up?

Now anyone that knows me will know that I avoid doctors, hospitals etc like the plague!  I prefer to self treat myself using natural remedies/exercise whenever possible.

However this morning I awoke with the pain in the back of my head - something that I've been putting up with for about the last fortnight - so I've decided enough is enough!

I know I have a problem with arthritis in my neck but the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to shift the burning in my neck and the continuous headaches.  The only thing that seemed to ease it was a good night's sleep and laying down.  But this morning I awoke with it!  Now that's not fair for if I start with it what will it be like by the end of the working day.

So today I'm taking a day off sick and am going to try and get an appointment at the doctor just to get my blood pressure checked.  I've ignored the dodgy eyesight, the dizziness, ringing in my ears but a headache in the morning and a nose bleed (I never get them!) I think is a sign that something needs to be checked.

The problem is that I got up ready to go to work and took a couple of 500 mg painkillers (only strength that will touch it) so by the time I get to the doctor it probably will have eased.

Wish me luck and I must remember that when the doctor says "how are you" I must not answer "I'm fine"....

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