Friday 8 October 2010

Hypertension - what is that?

Well the outcome of my visit to see the doc was a blood pressure of 160/100 (taken twice with a rest in between) and a diagnosis of hypertension!

Oh add to that a week off work and a request to pop along and queue up at the local hospital for a blood test - that should relax me!

While they are at it they are going to test for thyroid; cholesterol; kidneys; liver; diabetes and anything else that I've forgotten.  Crikes I'm having an MOT!

Now my blood pressure on routine examinations has never risen above 140/80 which I think is pretty normal so I guess my body is telling me to SLOW DOWN!

Mmm well exercise is supposed to be good for high blood pressure (aerobic) so I've dragged out the little trampoline and will have a go at exercising myself by bouncing around in the conservatory.  That should amuse the cat...


Bigastroandbeyond said...

You've joined the club.

My blood pressure was 200 over 80 when I went for a test. With the help of medication it is down to 130 over 65 - result.

Do I feel better though? Not every day!

Maz said...

Yes I've joined the "take more care of yourself club". First thing the doc will say though is "give up smoking".

I think I'd prefer to give up working and the UK but that will be a while yet!