Tuesday 19 October 2010


Most of the time recently I've always said "I haven't got the time" or "if only I had time".

This second week of being at home I now have the time and boy isn't it great!  I am cherishing the fact that I can get up when I wake up and am not jolted out of sleep by the sound of the alarm.  (Usually no later than 8 am)  I can leisurely get myself showered and dressed and wander about and do what I want to do.

I am limiting the time that I am on the computer because I need to keep moving.  So what have I been doing?

Well apart from taking it easy I have been cycling on my exercise bike; I have been doing neck exercises and I have been playing around with my hair.  With my hair being long I normally just chuck it up into a bun but I have been practising with different styles - a different one each day - because I have the time to experiment.

I have also been looking at different Spanish courses.  Most of the time I listen to Michel Thomas but he does get a bit boring after a while and I need a break from him - but more of that in my next post.

I have been able to do the cooking instead of it being a rush and a matter of who gets in first gets on with it!  So our meals have been a little healthier!

I wondered if I would get bored at home alone and without transport but no I haven't.  If I need anything from the shop then I walk there - great exercise - and because I am not in a hurry I can enjoy just strolling around.

The headaches are starting to subside now and I'm beginning to feel quite chilled.  I wish I could bottle this feeling and take it with me when I go back to work next week :-)

I am still doing some artwork - whether painting or drawing - as I find that relaxing, and being at home, well that's great too!

So Time is great when you have the time to do things at your own pace and time does not really matter at all when you are not rushing around everywhere...

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