Friday 15 October 2010

Breaking News - I am not Superwoman!

Well got the blood test results today and all is fine and normal :-)

I guess I've got to realise I am not superwoman and I cannot carry on doing the job of 2 people and everything else I do....

So although I've still got headaches I have at least got my blood pressure more or less stable.  The doctor advised all the normal things; don't eat too much fatty food; don't have too much caffeine; don't smoke (like hell I'll stop - my bp only went up 3 points while smoking!); don't do too much; don't lift heavy items; sleep with one pillow; eat a banana a day etc.

On my own I found that by doing aerobic exercise the bp comes down and then today I got out my brushes and paints and just sat down and painted.  Well Goya or Monet I may not be but my bp came down to 129/75!  That's art for you :-)

I've been told to have another week off work and if the headaches continue to go back to her after 4 days so I have decided just to chill out and paint and relax with the bit of aerobic exercise on the side. 

Hopefully that will work!

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