Thursday 4 November 2010

Where are the weeks going!

Well it's Friday again tomorrow and yet it seems only yesterday that it was the weekend.  The rate that time is flying by it will be summer again before we know it!

I know I haven't written much on here recently but I hardly seem to have time to breath and there is not much really to chat about.

You all know what it is like this time of the year.  Dark in the morning, dark in the evening.  I'm beginning to feel like a mole already...

I'm doing my web design at the weekend (when I get the chance) and inbetween that I'm working on my forum and other sites.  So much to do, so little time...

Now I've heard that before!

Mick, on the otherhand has decided to get interested in Stocks & Shares so he is searching the web on info on that.

The trailer is all set up for the winter and we have a mains connection on the side of the house now so we can keep it plugged in all the time which allows us to keep the thermostat set to stop it from freezing during the winter months and also serves as an extra room (and bathroom) if we need one.

My scatty cat is still ripping her fur out on her back.  She gets nervous at the best of times but Nov 5th makes her even worse!

I'm working on keeping fit and training Mick on what food to cook should he get in first in the evening - and that is about it.  Nothing exciting happening, just every day living...

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