Monday 27 September 2010

That Went By Quickly!

Well that's it over and done with and I'm feeling a little sad.  We got home about midday today but we've had to get the trailer emptied and ready for closing up for the winter.

It was a lovely weekend - even though the wind blew and it rained a fair amount.  It was great fun.  We watched as the only other visitors to the campsite at this time of year came and went.  There was a young couple in a tiny tent which they put up in 5 minutes!  They had a car and a small sail boat which I guess they took down to Ramsgate and left it there (they didn't have it when they came back to sleep the second night in their tent).  I felt sorry for them and hoped they were warm.  We were as snug as anything in the trailer and the gas furnace kept the temperature at a nice 22 degrees.

Then there were a couple of people who came and stayed with their caravans, and also a couple of weekender vans who only stopped one night.

My mum popped round for an hour or so on the Saturday morning for a coffee and chat and then came back again on Sunday when Kelly, Paul, Stefan & Katie arrived for the day.  It was manic and fun and when they left last night I felt sad that it was over.

We both slept well on Friday and Saturday but I have to admit to finding it difficult to get to sleep last night.  I could blame Mick's snoring (but it hadn't affected me previous nights) and have to admit that I didn't want our little excursion to end.

There were several reasons for this; one of which is my mum was so pleased to see us (and likewise Stanley).  When you only get to see your mum about once or twice a year it is always sad to leave.  She is 83 now - nearly 84 - and Stanley is 95 (almost 96) and you realise how short life is when you know that it will be quite a while before you see them again and they are not getting any younger.

Mind you my mum reminded me that I'm not getting any younger either when she commented on the fact that she could see my grey hair!  Now I know I need to put another colour on my hair :-)

So here we are again back home and back to work tomorrow.  But Stanley is a role model for us all.  I took my laptop with me and although I couldn't get internet access he wanted to take a look at it.  He was so impressed that he has gone home and ordered one for himself because his laptop is getting a bit old now!  My mum encouraged him because she is not known for her tact and reminded him that he better get it today because he might not be around tomorrow!

He is marvellous and it is only when he needed a bit of a helping hand to get down the steps out of the trailer that I had to remind myself that he is nearly 40 years older than me!!!

Great weekend.

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