Sunday 12 September 2010

New Laptop Arrives Tomorrow

Well today I'm busy sorting out my old laptop ready for the new arrival tomorrow.  My, how much you accumulate is amazing!

Now my old one isn't that old but the 120 GB HDD just isn't enough any more.  Coupled to that I do have an external 250 GB hard drive that I store all my backups and files that aren't needed all the time but even so I found I was running out of space.

So, impulsive as we are, when good old eBuyer sent an email with a special offer on a 250 GB new version of the laptop I have now it was too much to resist :-)  It also has Windows 7 OS instead of Vista - so as my grandson said recently "I'm surprised you haven't got Windows 7" - I will now have Windows 7!  That should surprise him next time we see him.


Bigastroandbeyond said...

I hope it works out well. It is always a bit of a trying time when you start with a new system. By all accounts Windows 7 is very good so it should be worth the effort.

Maz said...

Thanks. I managed to have a quick go of it last night, but it takes time to transfer everything across! So far Windows 7 seems better than Vista but time will tell.