Wednesday 22 September 2010

Last Break

Well tomorrow I will be setting up the trailer ready for the last trip of the season.

Just a quick visit to Ramsgate on Friday where we will be spending a long weekend at a campsite to enable us to visit my mum.  Kelly, Katie & Stefan are popping down on Sunday so my mum gets to see her great-grandchildren and then it is back home again on Monday.

After that we will be settling the trailer down for the winter; emptying all tanks; giving it a clean and bringing indoors all bedding.  It is always a little sad when we shut it up for the winter especially when we haven't been able to spend much time in it during the summer.

I do hope the weather holds up and we manage to get a good weekend although the forecast is not very good and is threatening rain!  I hope not as the campsite owners get a little twitchy about letting a 26' trailer park on their grass - I think they have visions of it sinking deep into their turf and not being able to get out!  I think our four wheel drive truck should be able to handle that.  I don't know what is wrong with this country - the campsites are so picky and particular - not at all like France where you are welcomed with open arms.

The UK definitely has a lot to learn about camping.  I don't think they are aware of how popular it is becoming with all Europeans these days and they really should be more friendly.  I've seen many programs on TVE over the summer months this year where it shows you the Spanish in their motorhomes - they are definitely a popular way of holidaying these days especially with all the problems with airports and the high cost of flights and hotels.

Add to that all the caravans, motorhomes and RVs that travel over from France, Germany, Holland & Belgium and you could fill your campsites with no problem.  In fact you only have to look at the traffic during the summer months and the roads are full of potential clients.

Well fingers crossed for the weather but whatever happens we will have fun; peace and quiet (except when the granchildren are there :-) and a chance to get up when we want and go to bed when we want. 


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